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Launch Menu

Game, application & movie launcher software
Menu Launcher software helps your internet cafe provides the best gaming experience for your customers.

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Let us say you happen to decide to visit a cybercafé. There are numerous outlets around, all competing for your business. What is that special element that grabs your attention? What is the main factor that affects your decision?

Perhaps your chosen cybercafé has great interior decoration, design and ambience, nice sitting chairs, top-notch computer specifications, and an endless list of games and applications installed. But does that mean it is a great place to multi-task, alternating between your work, surfing the Internet, or playing games?

There is one key concern that many cybercafés overlook, which is the accessibility for us users to reach your applications. Yes, I am talking about Game Menu, and no, I am not talking about using that Windows Explorer folder with the shortcuts.

Launch Menu is just RM200 per year. Comparing to other mediocre game menus out there, our beautifully made Game Menu offers increased performance over that traditional method of navigating through tiring shortcuts on the desktop. Our solution allows users to browse through all the games and application in a split of a second. This means that users will have a lag-free environment to access their games and get into the action as quickly as possible. When customers pay for time and speed, they want no clutter nor waiting.

Product Features

Game Activity & News

This is a simple function when opening the GameMenu allowing users to read through the news before browsing through your games.

Dynamic Category

You can create as many Category as you want, let you manage your games and programs. So your customer can find their favorite games in seconds without having a hard time to find it!

Movie Category Type

The Launch Menu featuring new Movie Category type that allow your customers to watch their favorite movie at your cyber cafe.

Advance Search

Besides the normal search, you can now also search for keywords from Game Gerne, Developer, Publisher, Movie Production Company, Distributor, Actors, Directors, etc.

Emulator Support

Launch Menu supports ePSXe(PS1), PCSX2(PS2), RPCS3(PS3), PPSSPP(PSP), Cemu(Wii U), Xenia(Xbox 360), TeknoParrot(PC-based Arcade) and Demul(Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave, Hikaru other SuperH or PowerVR 2-based systems) emulator games.

Quick Game Search

The downside of installing so many games is the difficulty of finding that particular game. When you type in the search bar, the game list will quickly change matching what you type. By using this filtering, specific games can be find much more easily.

Screen Lock / Unlock

You may not need to lock your PC when you are using it, but I’m sure you may need to go for a pee or do some exercise once in a while. Anyone can access your work or get access to your information if you just leave the PC on just like that. Heck, you may even lose your Facebook account to some strangers! That is where Screen Lock comes to rescue with its password protection and a screen saver with customizable message.


While our products getting more and more popular, we also added Multilingual supports for Launch Menu. Currently supports English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish and German.

Product Gallery

1x Yearly License

MYR199/ Year
  • Software Updates
  • Premium Support
  • 1x Yearly License Code

2x Yearly License

MYR349/ Year
  • Software Updates
  • Premium Support
  • 2x Yearly License Code

1x Lifetime License

  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • 1x Lifetime License Code

2x Lifetime License

  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • 2x Lifetime License Code

System Requirements

CPU: Any
CPU Speed: 1.5 GHz
OS: Windows Vista or above
Free Disk Space: 850 MB

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